Tree and/or bush on Mojo, Manchester

Mojo is a bar/club near to the burgeoning Spinningfields area in Manchester. It sits on the same block as the excellent Mulligans where live music is often enjoyed late on a Friday night and the Guinness tastes just that bit better than that served in neighbouring bars.

I have only been into Mojo once and all I remember is that the barman was very keen on me buying a Mohito cocktail.

Now, I am a man that enjoys a cocktail (espresso maritini being my current favourite), but the main ingredient of a Mohito really doesn’t agree with me, so I forever associate this place with a cocktail I really don’t like.

Nevertheless, here is a tree/bush growing atop the place. Taken by my most excellent partner in work and personal life, Kellie.

Thank you for the picture!Mojo!

Withy Grove Stores, Manchester.

I remember visiting these stores some time in the late 80s to buy a small safe for the office of the bank where I worked. They seemed old fashioned and dusty even back then.

Besides the pleasingly verdant and extensive moss growth, there is a small tree clinging onto the side of this wonderful example of architecture.

The history of the area (in an urban context) dates back to around the mid 16th century – read more here.


Close up of the tree:



Shudehill Tram Stop, Manchester

Shudehill is a great area for these trees/bushes. I did look up what sort they were but I’ve forgotten now.

This is a clothing warehouse I think. There are signs further down saying “This Window Has a Registered Right To Light Which Will Be Rigorously Enforced”. One of the windows with a sign has been bricked up, which I think is ironic.


Unusual sighting – a tree on a residential building

This is just outside the centre of Manchester near Great Ancoats. It didn’t used to be a very good area, but recent developments mean it seems to be improving.

This is particularly unusual, although I suppose now chimneys tend to be blocked off maybe we will see more trees growing out of residential buildings. Perhaps they could put lights around it and a little fairy on top too.



Co-Operative Wholesale between shudehill and Victoria Station, Manchester

At the risk of the Geek meter exploding, here is a better picture of the last building; this time taken with an iPhone 4s. Not strictly treesonbuildings talk, but I am very impressed by the camera on this phone. Also, this picture was taken in the morning and the light was not as good as the below example. I’ll stop typing now as I expect this isn’t very interesting.

IMG_0014 IMG_0014_detail

I found quite a few more trees on buildings today and will post them soon!