Abandoned Mill, Oldham

I spotted this from a tram on my way in to Manchester. My eldest daughter had to do a photography project a few weeks later, so I suggested this place.

It’s an awesome and very large abandoned mill near to the centre of Oldham.

There were pigeons flying about and loud water dripping type noises, so it was pretty creepy. There are lots more shots I will upload later, but I was keen to share this find with you trees fans!


Shudehill Tram Stop, Manchester

Shudehill is a great area for these trees/bushes. I did look up what sort they were but I’ve forgotten now.

This is a clothing warehouse I think. There are signs further down saying “This Window Has a Registered Right To Light Which Will Be Rigorously Enforced”. One of the windows with a sign has been bricked up, which I think is ironic.