Uppermill Viaduct Tree(s)

This viaduct – a listed building – carries trains along the line over the pennines between Yorkshire and Manchester. It is a lovely journey to take and the brief run between Marsden and Greenfield is well worth a go; it takes in the fascinating standedge tunnel, (pronounced “stannige” with excellent views and nice pubs at both ends (although, truth be told some pubs in Marsden are a bit strange if you ask me no offence intended).

Anyway, there are quite a few trees growing out of the side of the viaduct, which surely can’t be a good thing for the structure – even if the upside is some great shots for this site.



Mill chimney near Marsden. Fantastic example of a “mature sapling”.

A great example in a mill chimney; from the Huddersfield Road near Marsden.

I’ve always found this valley a little odd feeling; crossing over the top of the A62 from Saddleworth has always felt like travelling to a very different place.

This tree, however, would make any journey seem worthwhile, however unsettled the visitor would be by Huddersfield and its environs:

A62 Tree

Some excellent examples from Manchester

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a “Whatsapp” message from my colleague and friend, Nim.

Apart from being flattered and impressed that she had remembered my diligent work in documenting the trees on buildings of the world, I thought the photographs themselves were great. So, without further ado, Nim’s submissions from Manchester:

IMG-20150808-WA0002 IMG-20150808-WA0000 IMG-20150808-WA0001