Co-Operative Wholesale between shudehill and Victoria Station, Manchester

At the risk of the Geek meter exploding, here is a better picture of the last building; this time taken with an iPhone 4s. Not strictly treesonbuildings talk, but I am very impressed by the camera on this phone. Also, this picture was taken in the morning and the light was not as good as the below example. I’ll stop typing now as I expect this isn’t very interesting.

IMG_0014 IMG_0014_detail

I found quite a few more trees on buildings today and will post them soon!

Part of the Co-Operative warehouse section near Shudehill

Tempting to make a puntastic joke about the all-over-the-news rev. Flowers here, but I will refrain.

Instead, let’s revel in what is, I think, the best example yet of a building succumbing to nature in our very midst:


Followed by some other fine examples that had me kicking myself for not upgrading my phone earlier. Actually, I was cursing the loser I bought it from on eBay that didn’t post it until 5 days after I won the auction. T*sser.

Co-Op1 Bus_Station1