Tree and/or bush on Mojo, Manchester

Mojo is a bar/club near to the burgeoning Spinningfields area in Manchester. It sits on the same block as the excellent Mulligans where live music is often enjoyed late on a Friday night and the Guinness tastes just that bit better than that served in neighbouring bars.

I have only been into Mojo once and all I remember is that the barman was very keen on me buying a Mohito cocktail.

Now, I am a man that enjoys a cocktail (espresso maritini being my current favourite), but the main ingredient of a Mohito really doesn’t agree with me, so I forever associate this place with a cocktail I really don’t like.

Nevertheless, here is a tree/bush growing atop the place. Taken by my most excellent partner in work and personal life, Kellie.

Thank you for the picture!Mojo!

Abandoned mill in Delph, Oldham, near Manchester

For the purists out there, this is actually in the West Riding of Yorkshire, but that’s for another day.

This is the abandoned Bailey Mill in Delph, most of which was recently lost in an enormous fire.

Anyway, I do have pictures of the not there any more bit but took them about 12 months ago so thought I’d put this one here. I think they are going to build flats or houses or something here so it won’t be around for much longer.