Abandoned mill in Delph, Oldham, near Manchester

For the purists out there, this is actually in the West Riding of Yorkshire, but that’s for another day.

This is the abandoned Bailey Mill in Delph, most of which was recently lost in an enormous fire.

Anyway, I do have pictures of the not there any more bit but took them about 12 months ago so thought I’d put this one here. I think they are going to build flats or houses or something here so it won’t be around for much longer.


Uppermill Viaduct Tree(s)

This viaduct – a listed building – carries trains along the line over the pennines between Yorkshire and Manchester. It is a lovely journey to take and the brief run between Marsden and Greenfield is well worth a go; it takes in the fascinating standedge tunnel, (pronounced “stannige” with excellent views and nice pubs at both ends (although, truth be told some pubs in Marsden are a bit strange if you ask me no offence intended).

Anyway, there are quite a few trees growing out of the side of the viaduct, which surely can’t be a good thing for the structure – even if the upside is some great shots for this site.



Abandoned Mill, Oldham

I spotted this from a tram on my way in to Manchester. My eldest daughter had to do a photography project a few weeks later, so I suggested this place.

It’s an awesome and very large abandoned mill near to the centre of Oldham.

There were pigeons flying about and loud water dripping type noises, so it was pretty creepy. There are lots more shots I will upload later, but I was keen to share this find with you trees fans!