Mill chimney near Marsden. Fantastic example of a “mature sapling”.

A great example in a mill chimney; from the Huddersfield Road near Marsden.

I’ve always found this valley a little odd feeling; crossing over the top of the A62 from Saddleworth has always felt like travelling to a very different place.

This tree, however, would make any journey seem worthwhile, however unsettled the visitor would be by Huddersfield and its environs:

A62 Tree

Some excellent examples from Manchester

I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a “Whatsapp” message from my colleague and friend, Nim.

Apart from being flattered and impressed that she had remembered my diligent work in documenting the trees on buildings of the world, I thought the photographs themselves were great. So, without further ado, Nim’s submissions from Manchester:

IMG-20150808-WA0002 IMG-20150808-WA0000 IMG-20150808-WA0001

Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

A fine submission from my erstwhile colleague, Matthew Green – taken this weekend at the beautiful and highly recommended Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.

A couple of these trees aren’t as close to the top of the buildings as we would normally allow, but given the excellent location and Matt’s extra special effort in obtaining the pictures, we decided to allow it.

I visited the Abbey with my young children several years ago and recommend it heartily as a day out. The tripadvisor reviews seem to agree too!

DSC_0156 DSC_0154 DSC_0153 DSC_0152 DSC_0148

Our first tree in Scotland!

So my excellent colleague, Christine, visited the beautiful Rothesay recently and captured this lovely tree atop a church steeple. I visited Rothesay something like 30 years ago with my mum and dad in our little sailing boat as part of a 2 week stint around the highlands. This, along with a cruise in the same boat the year after was probably the best time I ever had in my life 🙂

Chris tells me the church is for sale.


Withy Grove Stores, Manchester.

I remember visiting these stores some time in the late 80s to buy a small safe for the office of the bank where I worked. They seemed old fashioned and dusty even back then.

Besides the pleasingly verdant and extensive moss growth, there is a small tree clinging onto the side of this wonderful example of architecture.

The history of the area (in an urban context) dates back to around the mid 16th century – read more here.


Close up of the tree: